Pulling Together


Nothing more to say

What can I add to what has already been written and said? I never met Her late Majesty. I did not know her. I have nothing to contribute; no special insight, no special wisdom. The events of the day are what they are. It’s sad, but there it is. I awoke an Elizabethan and I shall retire a Caroline. So shall we all.

There are, of course, many other things happening in this world, but we shall probably hear little of them, so I can say nothing of those either.

There will be another day tomorrow. Sleep well.

About the Author

K J Petrie has a Full Technological Certificate in Radio, TV and Electronics, an HNC in Digital Electronics and a BA(Hons) in Theological Studies.

His interests include Christian and societal unity, Diverse Diversity, and freedoms from want, from fear, of speech, and of association. He is a member of the Social Democratic Party.

The views expressed here are entirely personal and unconnected with any body to which he belongs.

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